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Event Date:
Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Event Times:

11:00am and repeated again at 2:00pm

Frank DeFreitasFrank DeFreitas is one of the nation's top 3D Hologram Specialists. As an expert he lectures at the Smithsonian; yet, he is a Bible-believing Christian and a creationist. Wonders of the Bible proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ through science and technology: past, present and future. It has become popular with Christian science and technology students around the world. Wonders of the Bible now has 130 thousand followers on Facebook. It focuses primarily on lasers, holography, physics, optics, photography, printing, stereoscopy, micro and nano technology, and their role in the communication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Video: The Rocks Will Cry Out        The World's Smallest Scripture

New 2017 Special Event Displays

"The Face in the Shroud"
A life-size, 3D laser hologram computer-generated from the original shroud photographic recordings of Secondo Pia, created by Dutch Holographic Laboratories. It is one of only two currently known to be in the United States (the other is on display at St. Patricks Cathedral). The Shroud is the most-studied historical artifact in world history. Even if one has only a casual curiosity -- or even outright skepticism -- you will not want to miss this chance to see this laser hologram in person. It is accompanied by several other Shroud scientific 3D imaging technologies, including a proof-of-concept laser hologram by presenter Frank DeFreitas.

"The World's Smallest Nativity"
With the Christmas season fast approaching, you'll not want to miss a microscopic image of the Nativity ... so small that it cannot be seen by the unaided human eye. Is this a technological marvel of the 21st century? No! It was created in the mid 1800's!

"Biblical Wood Cut Illustration"
The Apollo astronauts took the very first photos of the Earth from space. But it was the BIBLE -- from the year 1560 -- that first showed mankind what the Earth looked like from outer space. See the Earth, stars, sun, moon and comets -- as they would be seen looking back from outer space -- in this ancient Biblical wood cut illustration.

Seeing the Holograms is like seeing the original artifacts in minute, exact detail.

Hologram Diamond PectoralThe black-and-white photo shows the Hologram of the Diamond Pectoral of Tsar Nicolas II from "The Great Treasures of Russia." This Hologram was presented to Frank as a gift by Dr. Vladimir Markov, Founder of the Institute of Optics in Ukraine (and also professor at Kiev University). The mount in the center is a natural vein cut from an agate stone. It depicts Christ on the Cross with an Emperor kneeling. The diamonds in the holographic image actually diffract light and sparkle as you walk by - just as if the real object were in front of your eyes. This Hologram will be one of the display items at this special event.

Frank DeFreitasBut here is the Big News! Frank produced a Hologram of the entire King James Bible (all 773,746 words) on a tiny 1/8-inch by 3/16-inch plate. He produced only two copies; one is in his laboratory, and he mailed the other to the Creation Evidence Museum embedded behind a section of a postage stamp! THIS IS THE SMALLEST BIBLE IN THE WORLD! It is on permanent display at the museum.

There is so much more all centered around how God has used science and technology to bring his Word to everyone: "Today on Earth. Tomorrow in Space."



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